About Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

The Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is one of the largest waterparks that earned its spot among the top ten water parks in the world since its opening in 2013. Sprawling across an area of 37 acres, this marvelous Emirati-themed water park features more than 40 thrilling rides and slides in six different zones, thereby offering something for different interest groups.

The waterpark allows the visitors to have a fun day out with their families in a gorgeous world of adventures. In this waterpark, you can surf at the largest surfable sheet wave in the world or pass through the wave tunnels on your way down the epic Slither Slide. Apart from these, you can also go on a wild ride that moves you through twists, drops, turns, and rapids.

After you have thoroughly enjoyed all the adrenaline-rushing rides, you can relax and float along the lazy river. Some of the commonly favorite rides of all the visitors in the Yas Waterworld are Rush Rider, Yadi Yas, Dawwama, and Liwa Loop. Each of these rides gives you an experience that you have been longing for a very long time.

Therefore, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is a worth visiting waterpark to experience the fun, thrill, and adventure with your friends and family.

Experience at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

The Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi gives visitors an authentic experience that they would not get anywhere in the world. These experiences are so remarkable that they will leave you enchanted with their natural beauty. Underwater VR Experiences and Pearl Diving Experience are some of the best ones that let you enjoy the different worlds in their own unique way. You can choose to enjoy the world of virtual reality and experience the sky, ocean, and space in the Underwater VR Experience or bring the valuable pearls from the sea tank in the Pearl Diving Experience. Apart from these, you can avail yourself of the luxurious services of Al Raha Cabana.

Yas Waterworld
Underwater VR Experiences

Underwater VR Experiences is the first underwater virtual reality experience in the entire United Arab Emirates. Through this experience, you can dive deeper into the world of underwater virtual reality and get ready for unparalleled full-body sensations. You can enjoy this virtual reality experience in four different worlds, starting from drift drive in the ocean to the other worlds that steal the show are gliding down mountainous slopes, meeting seals, and floating high in the sky to add an extra thrill. You can take part in the Journey to Lost City, where you can encounter mysterious underwater creatures as seals guide you to the Lost City.

Yas Waterworld
Pearl Diving Experience

Pearl Diving Experience is another wonderful thing in Yas Waterwol Waha Cabanas- Al Waha Cabanas offers travelers an opportunity to lounge in private comrld in Abu Dhabi. This one-of-a-kind experience offers you a chance to go into the depths of the underwater tank and collect oysters that contain precious pearls. After bringing the pearls from underwater, you can opt to have the pearls set into a piece of jewelry to take back as a personal and memorable souvenir. It is a remarkable way of capturing memories and cherishing them down memory lane. Thus, you can book this adventurous experience from any of the Guest Services counters. However, you need to ensure that the children are not below eight years of age.

Yas Waterworld
Al Waha Cabanas

Al Waha Cabanas offers travelers an opportunity to lounge in private comfort. If you are looking forward to traveling in a group of four to six people, Yas Waterworld gives you a chance to book a cabana and enjoy a luxurious experience while indulging in thrilling and adventurous rides. This Al Waha Cabana Experience also comes with plenty of features like free towels, an exclusive menu, and VIP services. So, it is time to stop the wait and indulge in a remarkable experience of luxurious cabanas.

Top Rides to Try in Yas Waterworld

There are lot of things to do at Yas island & Some of the rides you can experience in yas waterworld are here :

Yas Waterworld
Tot’s Playground

Tot’s Playground is one of the fun rides in Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi that allows young children to enjoy the infinity pool and slide complex. This ride will not only make it a fun day for the kids but also lets the parents relax while watching their kids play.

Ride Type: Kids attraction

Minimum Height: 150 cm to 210 cm

Yas Waterworld Waterpark
Cannon Point

In Cannon Point, the tiny kids become the Bandit Bomber riders and spray water on each other. The children can also give it back to their enemies with the water cannons. Thus, this ride is complete fun for the entire family.

Ride Type: Kids attraction

Minimum Height: No restriction

Yas Waterworld Rides

The Yehal is a wonderful ride for young lovers that prepares the little one for the other big rides. This water play area allows the kids to take the lead of the pack and get ready for work as trainee watersport stars.

Ride Type: Kids attraction

Minimum Height: No restriction

Yas Waterworld Night
Yadi Yas

Yadi Yas is a wild white-knuckled slide that takes you down the crazy river of Yadi Yas. This action-packed wadi ride allows you to make a tight grip on the tube as you enjoy the pulsating waves along the journey. Therefore, it is one of the best family rides in the Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi.

Ride Type: Family activity

Minimum Height: No restriction

Yas Waterworld

AMWAJ is the largest wave pool in the region that features four unique wave patterns on rotation. In this ride, you can simply surrender and go with the flow of AMWAJ, watch the pearl emerging above, and be thoroughly enchanted by the remarkable wave patterns.

Ride Type: Family activity

Minimum Height: No restriction

Cine Splash Yas Waterworld

Cinesplash is a world-class attraction that offers an unforgettable family adventure to uncover the quest of “Legend of the Lost Pearl”. This distinctive attraction will give a new depth to your adventurous day as the cinema floods will take the waters up to your knees.

Ride Type: Family activity

Minimum Height: 110 cm

Yas Waterworld
Water Wars

Water Wars is a water balloon warfare that lets kids aim and attack each other with these full-blown water balloons. You can purchase your bucket of balloons and show your team war cry to the opponent and just splash away.

Ride Type: Family activity

Minimum Height: No restriction

Yas Waterworld
Marah Fortress

Marah Fortress is the ultimate water playground in Waterworld Yas Island Abu Dhabi for thrilling fun. In this ride, there are plenty of features like water cannons, slides, dumping buckets, a water-shooting geyser, and much more to provide you with non-stop action.

Ride Type: Family activity

Minimum Height: No restriction

Yas Waterworld
Al Raha River

Al Raha River give visitors an opportunity to lie down on their back and forget the world while going down a lazy waterway. All you need to do this is settle yourself in a tube and it will take you down the whirling streams through the cavity of the Al Raha River.

Ride Type: Family activity

Minimum Height: No restriction

Other Facilities at Yas Waterworld

There are multiple options of dining and shopping in Yas Waterworld. From the American to the Mediterranean, you will find anything and everything in this water park. Indulging in any of these restaurants will allow you to taste the exquisite cuisine and enjoy the great hospitality. These restaurants offer customers to choose from different categories of eateries, like vegan vegetarian, and non-vegetarian.

Among all, Chubby’s Kitchen is one of the best as it not only allows visitors to savor the taste of authentic dishes but also has the views of the whizzing roller coasters from the windows. You can go straight to Dana’s Diner or Salma’s Snack Shack if you want to grab a light snack.

Yas Waterworld
  • Chubby’s Kitchen- Chubby’s Kitchen in the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi serves some authentic dishes to its visitors, like pizzas, noodles, daal, and fried chicken. This dining area also offers a great view of whizzing roller coasters and pearl divers hunting for treasure.

  • Dana’s Diner- If you want to grab a bite between the fun at the waterpark, Dana’s Diner is a remarkable place to savor the taste of grills and snacks. You can cool off and watch the surfers enjoy the outdoors while tasting the flavorful barbeque wings, salads, burgers, and sandwiches.

  • Gahwat Nasser- Gahwat Nasser is a remarkable store that lets visitors take back delightful souvenirs along with memories. You can choose from camel-milk chocolates, Arabic coffees, and fresh dates and make them pack in the heritage boxes to gift to your loved ones.

  • Salma’s Snack Shack- If you are looking for a light snack in the Yas Waterworld, Salma’s Snack Shack should be your next destination. This restaurant serves tasty sandwiches, salads, and freshly cut fruits.

  • Skinny’s Frozen Treats- Skinny’s Frozen Treats is an ideal location to beat the heat. From frozen lemonades to juices, you will find everything in this restaurant. You can even order ice cream and shaved ice with syrup.

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Location- P. O. Box 128717, Yas Waterworld, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

How to Reach- You can directly Plan your visit to the Yas Waterworld, you can either hire a taxi or take a bus from the Zayed Sports City Station. Alternatively, you can drive your own car from Abu Dhabi Airport for 12 kilometers to the Yas Waterworld.

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